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I got done lapping my barrel today(yes I went to the bitter end). Sealed it off full of break free and heated it up for 10-12 min with a hairdryer, then let it air cool.

Went to my reloading room and threw 36 rounds together. I'm just happy to be able to shoot it more than 5 times in a row. I got burned out shooting than cleaning so many times but I guess it was worth it.

Here's a 5 shot group, the shots were not consecutive. The other 3 are in the 2nd pic.

pic 2 is the rest of string one(3 shots) and all of string 2(8shots). Ten yards.

pic 3 is another 8 shot group at tem yards. I'm starting to get the hang of the trigger.

pic 4 is 8 rounds at 15 yards. All shooting was free handed.
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