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    set of 4 heavy duty 2 3/8” gate rollers for 4” pipe stanchion post. Greaseable rollers

    Bought these for a cantilever sliding driveway gate, and the wife changed her mind (who would have thought that?) on gate style.

    Was going to use with 2 3/8” oilfield tubing, but the size also works for the large pipe chain link gates.

    These are heavy, hence the reason I didn’t try to return them. 2 each in a box is, I believe 47 pounds a box.

    Just trying to recover some of my cost. Will consider selling a few sticks of 2 3/8” tubing to the buyer at $30 a joint (its range 2, so 28-31’ a joint)

    Located in Liberty, MS


    Thanks for looking


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