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    First class of the year will be feb 3-4!
    This will be a 2 day 2gun course.
    First day will be working mechanics and fundamentals. Getting introduced to positional shooting and transitioning. Going over your gear and it’s proper use.
    Second day will be the fun stuff. I’ll have a couple stages set up. We’ll be doing a good bit of “running and gunning”
    You’ll get to apply everything you’ve learned to some real speed exercises.
    You can attend either day but if you’re a beginner, please don’t skip out on the first day and show up on the second.

    What you’ll need:
    AR or AK with sling
    Holster and mag pouches (plate carriers and battle belts are welcome)
    400 rounds rifle and 400 rounds pistol each day
    Eye and ear pro
    Closed toe shoes
    You can bring your lunch but we typically make a subway run when the time comes.
    $120 per day

    This class will gain you entry to our tactical life saver class later in the year, as long as you take a first responder class first as well.

    Comment any questions!
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    1st off welcome to the forum glad to have you.

    You might want to introduce a little bit more about the class and yourself as an instructor.

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    Thanks! I’ve observed for a long while. First time posting.
    Ex mp mil but nothing worth bragging about. I’ve had the opportunity to be mentored by a nation leading instructor who specializes in mil and Leo training. He has mentored me for a few years and really helped me improve my shooting skills.
    As far as being able to teach, i was a math tutor for 6 years. I’ve always had a knack for conveying knowledge to many audiences. My passion for shooting and proper, proven tactics, aided by my skills in teaching is what i bring to the table. I have my references that can attest to the quality of my instruction. Feel free to ask for those references! Of course it needs to be private as i don’t like putting their personal info out for the public.
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    Update! Will now be Saturday only!