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2011 Scoring System

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To be consistent with other ranges our metod of marking scores on the target will change to the below diagram. Note the X and 5 score share the same spot. The shot marker will have to be used to verify.
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what's with the little dots around the bull??? sorry never done f-class other than the .22 match the other day and we did it the same way as i always did in 4-h
i LOVE that idea!!!!!!!!!!!!! with the .22's that was a major problem for me! i would love to be able to kno where my first few shots were so i could adjust as needed....... sounds like a good idea for .22's to me. was lookin at the ballistics for my .243 wssm last night and realized it could be set up to do wat i want for f-class so i may have to get into it.... scope is my only prob.... dont have the money for somethin to see that far at the moment
thanks man, i may have to do that sometime this summer. i would love to try it to just see how i would do
i've got a 24x that just came off of my huntin rifle
thanks, i may have to try it at least once just to see what its like
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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