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2016 Area 6 Championship

Discussion in 'USPSA & IPSC' started by mosher, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. mosher

    mosher Distinguished Poster

    Just got back from the 2016 Area 6 USPSA Championship at South River Gun Club near Atlanta. They set a record with over 545 registered shooters. Easily the most efficiently run big match I've ever been too.

    Everything flowed smoothly, the staff was excellent, and you could tell these guys had their stuff together. It felt like you were at a 60 person match, despite it actually being 500+. It never felt crowded, and there were no backups or delays. The ROs stayed motivated and focused and match staff were amazing, as well as the stages challenging and fun.

    Had a great time, wish every big match was like this one.