2016 Custom built 7 X 12 Toy Hauler

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    I’m selling my Toy Hauler that I built for my ARA shooting. It’s a single 3500 lbs axle with trailer brakes. I had a lot of other things built in this trailer when I ordered it out of Georgia. I did all the inside work myself plus added the 9200 btu a/c unit. There’s to many things to list. So take a look at the pictures and contact me for more info if your interested. 601-613-6025 leave a message or text me. $4000 firm

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    You did a great job!
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    Impressive Sir!
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    really looks great! I remember your original build thred, but I don't think I ever saw it all finished up!
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    Could you donate this to my Twin funds???
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    Drew, I like ya but that would be a “No”! Lol. Just buy it and they would have a great play house!
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    Please mark this thread as "Sold".

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