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2020 CMP Highpower Service Rifle rules

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The 2020 Service Rifle rules book is out and there are some changes for this coming season.
I’ve listed some of the changes that are getting the most chatter in the Highpower community. These rules govern service rifle matches, not games (as issued). I’m assuming that 3.6.2 and 5.1.3 will be the same in the Games rules book.

3.6.2 Eye and Hearing Protection
All competitors and competition officials are required to wear appropriate eye
and hearing protection when on shooting range firing lines during highpower
rifle firing. All competitors must comply with this requirement before they can
participate in a CMP sponsored or sanctioned competition. Competitors are
responsible for selecting their eyewear and hearing protection.

4.1.1 M16/AR15-Type Service Rifle.
ii) Ambidextrous safeties, ambidextrous magazine releases and ambidextrous charging handles are permitted, provided no permanent alteration to the receiver was made to install them

e) Handguard. The receiver and handguard must be machined as separate parts. Standard M16-type service handguards (which may conceal a float tube) may be used or military design or aftermarket free floating rail systems may be used. The rail may be of one or multiple piece design and be attached to the receiver by means of the rail itself or with a standard or special barrel nut. Key-Mod, M-Lok or similar mounting systems are permitted. Handguards may be of any length and the front sling swivel may be attached to the hand guard, but any front sling swivel location must be fixed 13 in. (+/- 0.5 in.) from the forward edge of the magazine well on M16 configured rifles or 8.0 in. (+/- 0.5 in.) on M4 configured rifles. Handguards or float tubes may not have any additional features that could be used as a hand stop.

4.1.3 M14/M1A-Type Service Rifle
l) Optical Sights. The rifle may have an optical sight (reflective sights are considered optical sights) with a maximum power of 4.5X installed on the receiver. Variable scopes with a maximum of 4.5X are permitted. Only commercially manufactured scopes that were produced with a maximum magnification of 4.5X and have a maximum objective lens diameter of 34 mm may be used. If an optical sight is used, the same optical sight configuration must be used in all stages of a course of fire (changing sights or sight mount configurations is not permitted). The centerline of an optical sight shall be no higher than 3.5 inches above the centerline of the bore.

5.1.3 Prone Position
The shooter lies on the ground, with the head towards the target, with the rifle supported by both hands, the shoulder and cheek. A sling may be used in the prone position. The rifle may not touch the ground or rest on any object or support. No part of the arm ahead of the elbow may touch the ground or any artificial support. The magazine may touch the shooting jacket sleeve, but it may not rest on the jacket sleeve, jacket elbow pad, arm or ground
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Interesting, I have a scope mount lying around for the M1A. The Athlon 4.5x looks promising and I like the reticle.
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