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.22 conversion for a Kimber Ultra Carry II

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Do they make a .22 conversion for a Kimber Ultra Carry II? Just courious. :thinking:
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I don't think so. And an officer's size frame will have a gap between the end of the dustcover and the slide.
I BELIEVE you could make it work. Since most .22 conversions have a stationary slide and only a small portion to the rear of the conversion unit moves back to extract the spent casing.

I'm not familiar enough with the units to know 100%.

I'd be inclined to say that, yes, it would function, but it wouldn't be pretty, what with the gap between the dustcover and all.

As for getting a conversion, you could spend just about as much and get a whole new .22 1911 that would be more inclined to work since it was designed around the rimfire round to begin with.

Most 1911's come with a ~21 lb mainspring from the factory. It requires a pretty good bit of momentum to bring the hammer back, which still has to happen with a conversion top-end. A lot of guys are having trouble with the conversion units functioning well.

My two cents.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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