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.22 conversion unit AR

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I'm not really familiar with blogs, but here goes. I bought a targetmaster .22 conversion at the July gunshow in Jackson. Does not work properly. shoots two to four times then fails to eject... always a live round in chamber and empty stuck in receiver or stove-piped. Shooting a Bushmaster ORC. Have tried three magazines and four types of ammo; and cleaned and oiled the unit. Any more suggestions? I guess I'll call the mfg. tomorrow
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I think subgunfan bought the same unit at the gunshow. I was at the range when he first fired it and actually put a few down range with it myself. Functioned without a problem that I saw with a couple different type ammo ... Don't remember what make AR he was using ... maybe he will chime in on this one ...
judgedelta said:
I called Jim Darden, who sold the unit, works for the company (may be the owner); said he would send me a new unit, along with his UPS code to return the old one. Couldn't have been any nicer, offered to return my $$ if I wasn't satisfied.
The only thing better than that is to have it work right out of the box ... Let us know how it turns out ...
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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