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22 F-Class SWGC Bogue Chitto Gauging Interest

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We have a free weekend April 30th at the Burns range in Bogue Chitto. SWGC is planning on putting on a 22 RF F-Class match. This will be fired at 200 yards probablly using the 300 yard official F-Class target ( I am still working out the details). There are pits at this range with 10 firing positions. So shot spotting will not be a problem. This will be a typical 3 relay rotation that we shoot in F-Class with one relay firing , one scoring, and one working the pits. We will fire 3 strings of 20 shots for score with 5 sighters on each relay. There will be awards in each class. Classes will run in parallel with what Magnolia is doing.
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Let's do it.
Somebody's gonna have to tell me how to shim my scope. :p
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