..22 Hornet For Small Game

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  1. JoseBob

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    Just acquired a hornet and cannot find in the rules that it cannot be used for small game.
    I know it can be used for hogs and deer (judiciously.) My thoughts would be that if hand
    loaded with lighter cast boolits and faster pistol powder, it would be a good game getter for
    hard times. 3.5 gr of unique and a cast 40 gr boolit, you would get 2000 rds. out of a pound
    of powder and 175 boolits out of a pound of lead. It would take 11.5 pounds or there abouts of lead to make up the 2000 boolits. Just my thoughts. Help me out with the legalities of the hornet.
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  2. phillipd

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    It's one of my favorite rounds. I can hook you up with a buddy that has hand loading for it for longer than I have been alive. It's his favorite deer round out to 170 yards. Pm me if you want his contact info. I don't pay much attention to a lot of the rules, but a Hornet is a good game getting round if you do your part. Now you need a Ruger revolver and a Taurus Raging Hornet to go with it.
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  3. Soonered

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    I believe the federal lands and possibly the state limit to 22 rim fire or smaller as i was wanting to use my 17 horent. But not allowed due to being center fire. Make sure and check the regs under small game for state and federal game management areas.
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    Had a Hornet till guy wanted to swap for Ruger Single Six, 3 screw :which has mysteriously disappeared:hmm:.
  6. mascott

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    I have 3-22 hornets and love them dearly. Mine has been used to dispatch small game many, many times.

    Meant to add, I have reloaded for 22 Hornet since the '80's and for some reason none of my rifles like the CCI primers. Too hard.
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    I have read that a lot of the new data for the hornet it is recommending that small pistol primers be used. Their reasoning behind this is because the small rifle primers tend to blow the powder and bullet up the barrel before the powder ignites. The pistol primer just ignites the powder and you get better groups than you would get with the srp.
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  9. vr1967

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    The Hornet is a good little round. I have several, several boxes of ammo tucked away
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    I have a Savage Target rifle in 22 Hornet and a H&R truck/ ATV/UTV gun. They are just fun to shoot. My only regret is I wish that I had owned on of these guns 45 years ago.
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