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22 hornet reloading

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For any that have experience and can help I'm curious about a few things. Initially why does everyone using reduced loads used cast bullets? Are reduced loads safe to use with regular jacketed bullets? I have found many people using reduced load recipes in their 22 hornet using blue dot and 45 grain bullets, but could a person use red dot? I have had good luck using starting loads of lil gun and pistol primers for light loads, but nothing near under 2,000 fps like people using blue dot claim is possible. Chime in if you have done any of this.
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Cast bullets tend to lead up when fired at high velocity. I have loaded the Hornet for years but only use mid range velocity loads. Hornet cases tend to crack and split for some reason more than others, probably thinner walled. I have used 2400 mostly but have used Unique. Blue Dot, Red Dot and Green Dot were mainly shotgun powders and the color indicated the burn rates.
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