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22 LR pistol?

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I am looking to buy a 22LR pistol. Which one would you buy? Why? The Ruger series has been recommended. Hi Standard? I had one of those many years ago that was fairly impressive. Just some general opinions on different 22LR pistols would be appreciated. Thanks.
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For the money the Ruger 5.5" blued target semi-auto is the best. I prefer the mark 1 or II over the Mark III, but I have had success with the Mark II as well. I have a 6-78" Tapered barrel Mark II and it is a beaut.

I prefer the weight of the steel Ruger Mark I-II-III over the 22/45 version. The heavier the pistol is, the less it moves when held with one hand.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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