22 Rifle silhouette scope advice

Discussion in 'Rimfire' started by Jeffery8mm, Apr 29, 2018.

  1. Jeffery8mm

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    i am wanting to get my daughter ( and me!) in the metallic silhouette game.
    I have several savage MKII rifles that should serve well.
    In need a scope. What do y’all recommend??
    I need to stay around 200/250$
    The savages that I have are the bull barrel/ accu trigger MKII FV


    If you have or know of a scope for sale please let me know that also.
    Text me 601-616-7387
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  2. maxhush

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    NW MS
    No, but Natchez still has these on sale right now for $70:

    Bushnell Custom Gold Rifle Scope - 3-10x44mm Ballistic-X Reticle Matte Black - Rifle Scopes - Optics | Natchez

    (Though the OP may want more scope than that). The buzz is that these "Bushnell Gold" are actually a re-badged well-regarded Weaver series. The reviews of them all seem very positive (Both on Natchez and Amazon). I got free shipping at $99 with a coupon they had when I ordered. Likely to need high or at least medium mounts/rings due to the 44mm objective.
  3. Jeffery8mm

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    I will Check those out.