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223 Brass... a little over a ton of it!

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I just happened to be browsing the Govliquidation website and ran across this at Redstone Arsenal, AL. In the the other pics it looks like some sorta practice rounds (blanks). Kinda cool to see that much brass in one bunch. :shock:
(The bids only up to $150 right now.)

"2230 lbs (apprx) 5.56 mm .223 caliber spent blank brass castings in 1 crate and 1 drum. Mutilation not required."

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You ought to see those big containers full of 308 and 50 BMG brass. And those BIG artillery casings............

I hear (might be rumor) that China is bidding HIGH for military brass in some of those auctions. They melt is down for other products.

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