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.22RF F-Class Match - January 29, 2011

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Anyone interested in shooting .22RF F-Class on January 29, 2011? Going to try and get on the schedule at Magnolia; if not we can shoot at 'Neck's place.
Going to be at Magnolia --

Plan is to have 1st round down range at 8:30AM. For some of you who reside close to range, if you can be there at 7:30am to help with set-up, it would be appreciated!!

1. Captain-03
2. BubbaT
3. Shoeshooter
4. X-Ring
XX Richard
5. Brian
6. TankerHC
7. Nonnieselman
8. Myers
9. Dock Rocker
10. XD357
11. M1GarandFan
XX. ree_countrygirl
12. SubGunFan
13. mrparamedicdawson
14. jdbmidas
15. mshammer
16. Mrshammer
17. SMGJody
18. Shack
19. Clay B.
20. ScottW
21. PhillipW.
22. StevenW.
23. BettyW.
24. suberjc
25. PhillipM
26. ezgo
27. z06
28. texan-in-ms
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I will try and see if I can have that day off from job #2 if it is a definite go. I have a .22 with a cheap weaver scope that I can use for the match.
Add Clay B. to the list. I will try and arrive early to help with the setup.
nonnieselman said:
M1GarandFan said:
nonnieselman said:
Wanna help with set-up? :p
What time you want me there?
Capt. said he'd be there at 7:30. I will be there around 7:00 to 7:15.
Details about the match can be found at this post:
Directions to the range are:
Hope you can make it off the rig and join us.
Somebody's been watching R. Lee Ermey on "Mail Call" :lol:
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