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We will be conducting our next .22RF F-Class Match on March 20, 2011, at the Magnolia Rifle & Pistol Club. This will be something a little different - we will be having an afternoon match. Going to be very, very interesting if we have much wind!!

A shooter's meeting will be conducted starting at 1:00PM. All shooters should be in attendance for this meeting. There will be a $5.00 Match Fee for participants with the exception of Juniors - Juniors shoot free.In order to plan for this match, it would be appreciated if you would sign-up using this thread and identify the Class you plan to shoot in. Classes can be found here.


1. Captain-03 /Open
2. Shoeshooter / Open
3. BubbaT / Sporter
4. Nonnieselman / Open
5. Johnny Hardwell / Open
6. Darin Hardwell / Open
7. Craig Yates / Open
8. Andy Suber / Open
9. suberjc / Open
10. SubgunFan / Open
11. Richard / Open
12. XD357 / Open
13. MissHammer / Open (Junior) Need to be in different relay than Mrs.Hammer
14. Mrs.Hammer / Open
XX. Mrparamedicdawson / Open
15. Brian Burns / Open
16. Johnny Mc / Open
17. M1GarandFan / Sporter Need to be in different relay than Jill
18. Jill (M1GarandFan) / Sporter
19. Alton Britt / Traditional
20. DMC49 / Open
21. X-Ring / Traditional
22. Adam Miles / Open
23. Texan-in-MS / Open
24. Amorgan / Open
XX. Tom Sutton / Open
25. Scott Black / Open
26. Ralph Hall / Open
27. James Wilson / Open
28. smokedpole / Open
29. kenl1960 / Open
30. cjBritt / Open
31. Z06 / Open
32. Odie / Open
33. ezgo / Open
34. Shack / Open (Different relay than Captain-03 - will shoot same gun)
35. John Stouffer / Open
36. crawler1x / Open
37. Brian Alexander / Open

I really hate to miss the first match Miss Hammer shoots with her new rifle. Everyone shooting had better watch out now that she'll be able to see her target. She may put the "shame" on some of you old seasoned shooters. Mrs Hammer might do the same because she'll be shooting the same rifle. Anyway, my shooting partner is having to be preoccupied this weekend and I can't make the drive by myself but there will be other matches that we'll come to.

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Almost Sunday Afternoon -- Please let us know as soon as you can if you want to participate in the Match so we can plan accordingly and make sure everyone can be accommodated; however, walk-ons will be welcome provided we can accommodate them. It is always my goal to make our match goes as smoothly as possible - planning helps to ensure this.

If you have any special request, i.e., more than one person shooting the same rifle, let us know that also so the firing relays can be adjusted.


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Going to be a little warm out there tomorrow afternoon; especially since we are not use to it yet - bring plenty of water and dress for the occassion!!

Tomorrow Afternoon - 84 and SUNNY - No clouds - Winds 10mph from the South.
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