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231 in a 9mm

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howdy , I have a old Masuer luger in 9 mm , has anyone tried winchester 231 in a 9mm luger ?/
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I have used HP-38 (samething as 231) in my XD 9mm with good results. Below are the only two loads (both are light) I have personnally used with this powder so far (average velocity recorded through my chronograph):

1. Lead RN 125 grain bullet with 4.0 grains of powder (COAL = 1.136) resulted in 978 fps.

2. Berrys (plated) DS RN 124 grain with 4.0 grains of powder (COAL = 1.14) resulted in 961 fps.

Personnally I like Accurate No. 2 a little better and would be happy to send you that load data if you need it. I hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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