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3 gun match question.

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I am relatively unfamiliar with the types of competitive shooting disciplines that are out there. I know about USPSA and IDPA. And know some of the basic tennets of their various "classes". What I have not seen though, is what I would call an IDPA style tactical 3 gun match. From what I have seen, the 3 gun matches out there seem to be more of an equipment race rather than an attempt to test the skill of the shooter behind the gun they would choose for self defense, combat, etc. Is there such a competition out there? I would like to be able to compete with my guns, without feeling like i have to spend thousands on them to be able to compete.
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I've been to a couple of matches where you're classed based on the equipment you bring, not on your so-called skill level. (ie Master, GM, etc.). Those are the ones where you really work on technique.

I participated in LaRue's match back in May. While you were classified by equipment (allegedly), it really came down to who was the fastest. There was a lot of spray and pray where people unloaded full mag's just to ensure max score and didnt focus on "clean" shots. Really pissed me off -- as well as several others. Left a bad taste in many people's mouths.

If things go well, within a relatively short time, I'll have a range set up here in the Golden Triangle that will offer good competitions that focus on technique and the evolution of the shooter. Not beating the clock. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress of this pipe dream.

Back to your original question/statement, its my opinion that if you participate in a 3 gun match of any kind, anywhere, you should be competing with yourself and your prior "scores". Use what you're comfortable with. Not what everyone says is the latest, coolest crap. Especially when it comes to AR's. Simplest is best. You dont get points for style. Just go out, surround yourself with like-minded people, and have fun. Beat yourself first. Then worry about everyone else.

But I digress....
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As a side note, I do a lot of training classes utilizing the latest, tried and true techniques fresh out of the mil. I'm always up for a good road trip to spend time with people who like to shoot, have fun, and learn. Most of the time, I walk away learning something from my "students" just as they did from me. That's the way I like it.

Semper Gumby
the matches or the "classes"?
Matches: tbd upon completion of a range
"Classes": whenever, wherever people want to do it.
Let me know.
I dont have the facility of my own just yet. So, if you know anyone that has a good pasture, yeah, we can make it happen.
Well, guess its up to you then. I'm down for it. Send me a time, location, and a head count and I'll take it from there.
The key is starting it with people that will hold themselves accountable to those standards. Then, implementing systems to account/penalize/etc. for time/mistakes/etc.
As with anything and everything in shooting, its got to start with quality people first. Lt. Dan and I are going to start some unofficial, just for fun, competing against yourself first, classes that I've been doing for a while now but here in MS now that I'm back "home". All I need, for the time being, is a location, central to all interested parties, (ie a good pasture) and I can start doing weekend workshops. Then transition it into competitions when I have a suitable range.
Im sure you know that word of mouth makes/breaks a lot of stuff in this community. So lets get the good word out.
Cliff Cargill said:
lima4specter said:
I've been to a couple of matches where you're classed based on the equipment you bring, not on your so-called skill level. (ie Master, GM, etc.).
What do you mean, "so-called skill level?"

Can you expand on this, please? :thanx:
Yes sir.
I've been in a few matches that essentially tried to group people based on something similar to USPSA/IPSC skill levels (grand master, master, novice, etc). I think its mostly pointless to do this in a 3 gun match because a) does it really matter if you're shooting with people "as good as you" -- and if you're really that bothered by shooting with a novice, then what kind of "ambassador" to shooting sports are you, seriously?! b) the essence of the sport is to have fun, and beat yourself every time you go out. Yes, I know its nice to win stuff off the prize table but everyone has to start somewhere and everyone can always improve on something.
Before this turns into a big soap box for me, suffice it to say that 3 gun matches have turned into what duck hunting was back in the 80s and 90s.....who has the biggest and most expensive toys and the wanna-be MOH heros. IMO that really puts a HURGE (which is one bigger than huge) dampener on such events for people like me who truly enjoy the pure competition of making ourselves better, price tags/style don't get your points .... and realize that you pretty much have to be dead to be a MOH recepient.
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I guess its more of a rant than anything. One of those you have to be there moments.
I better let this dog sleep before I get myself worked up about something that I dont need to.
I love a good purist.
Dan, did you see the post from Spencer above? We linked up about a gun Im selling and he made mention of his property. Could be a good start.
He's an Ole Miss student.....hold all moans and groans to the end please......
Anyway, sounds like we need to link up with him and as many of us that can make a day of it, go out there, check it out, see what we're working with and form a plan.
PM him and find out when you guys can meet up on a weekend sometime. Its only 30 minutes for me to drive down there so no problem here. Let me know what you guys come up with.
Here's what I would think needs to go down: 1) a lil' "leaders recon" on the facility, 2) decide upon what everyone wants to do whenever we do it, 3) gather targets, barriers, etc. 4) drop the hammer on a bunch o' caps.
How are we going to get the word out on this?
As of right now, yes.
Subject to the will of MSU's big green weenie though.
Will know definitely by COB thursday.
The shoot is on saturday right?
Bring her with.
Has anyone come up with a suggested round count for the match in Woolmarket this coming weekend? That's needed info.
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