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3 gun match question.

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I am relatively unfamiliar with the types of competitive shooting disciplines that are out there. I know about USPSA and IDPA. And know some of the basic tennets of their various "classes". What I have not seen though, is what I would call an IDPA style tactical 3 gun match. From what I have seen, the 3 gun matches out there seem to be more of an equipment race rather than an attempt to test the skill of the shooter behind the gun they would choose for self defense, combat, etc. Is there such a competition out there? I would like to be able to compete with my guns, without feeling like i have to spend thousands on them to be able to compete.
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As a former President of the USPSA club at Magnolia and the current USPSA Section Coordinator for Mississippi, I'd be happy to try and be of some help if I can. For the record, USPSA 3-gun matches in the Jackson area have pretty much died completely, as far as I am aware. Turnout dropped off and I don't believe one has been held in well more than a year. 3-gun matches are still held in Poplarville, and their website includes some info regarding the minimum equipment required: http://smsps.com/SMPSA_Equipment.htm A little farther away, but the USPSA club in Glen, MS (near Corinth) is hosting the 2010 Mississippi 3-gun Challenge this weekend. PM Hopalong on this forum or visit their website if you are interested in more info about this match or other matches they shoot throughout the year: http://crssa.com/.

Other than that, I am not really aware or familiar with any 3-gun matches being held in Mississippi. There is some type of unsanctioned match held near the Coast in Woolmarket, but I don't have enough info to really be of much help. I can try and put you in contact with some folks with info if you would like. Similarly, I'm not much help with IDPA. IDPA does have a set of rules for 3-gun, but they are still listed as "provisional". They can be found here: http://www.idpa.com/Documents/IDPA_DMG_rules_07062010.pdf The only IDPA clubs listed in Mississippi are in Glen (same as the USPSA club), Saltillo, and Hernando. I am not sure if any of them are shooting 3-gun matches, but you may want to contact them and find out. Their contact info can be found here: http://idpa.com/clublist.asp?pick=MS

Not knowing what you know or don't know about USPSA and its different divisions, it is hard for me to offer much else. I will add that in my opinion, while there is a certain level of equipment needed for any particular division or sport, I think most of them do test the skill of the shooter behind the gun and are not just "equipment races". The problem is making a sport where truly every choice for self defense/combat or personal preference competes on a level playing field. Can I ask what you have and want to compete with? Odds are, you could compete with it and have a good time doing it while getting in some good practice. Whether or not you will feel like you should do something to improve or change what you have is only something you can control though.
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