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3 gun match question.

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I am relatively unfamiliar with the types of competitive shooting disciplines that are out there. I know about USPSA and IDPA. And know some of the basic tennets of their various "classes". What I have not seen though, is what I would call an IDPA style tactical 3 gun match. From what I have seen, the 3 gun matches out there seem to be more of an equipment race rather than an attempt to test the skill of the shooter behind the gun they would choose for self defense, combat, etc. Is there such a competition out there? I would like to be able to compete with my guns, without feeling like i have to spend thousands on them to be able to compete.
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So when and where are these gonna be? I'd like to get in on it.
In up for matches. I havent shot a combat COF in a while but when I was a PMI we did the classes back in the day. I'm also up for just setting the range up and running thru a course for practice. Is there a way to do that?
That would be cool. I'd like to get as much practice in as possible. I've gotten rusty from not combat shooting in years. I tried to get the national guard to do some when I was in there but they thought I was insane.
lima4specter said:
The key is starting it with people that will hold themselves accountable to those standards. Then, implementing systems to account/penalize/etc. for time/mistakes/etc.
As with anything and everything in shooting, its got to start with quality people first. Lt. Dan and I are going to start some unofficial, just for fun, competing against yourself first, classes that I've been doing for a while now but here in MS now that I'm back "home". All I need, for the time being, is a location, central to all interested parties, (ie a good pasture) and I can start doing weekend workshops. Then transition it into competitions when I have a suitable range.
Im sure you know that word of mouth makes/breaks a lot of stuff in this community. So lets get the good word out.
I have only lived down here for 6 moths or so, so I dont really know too much of the area. I can ask some guys I know the live in Wiggins if they got some land we can use. I'm all for this and I think more people need to know how to effectivly use their assult rifles rather than just showing them off and plinking with them. I'm not trying to talk down to anyone or call anyone out but I just know a lot of people that own AR's, AK's, MP5's etc. that just show them off or shoot squirrels with em. I know theres a lot of Veterans and Combat Veterans that have been in these situations either in the jungle or urban and know the importance of using the weapon for its intended use. Shotguns and pistols also fit perfectly into this, I know I used a Benelli in urban combat as well as a M9(junk IMO). That was a bit of a rant, sorry for that haha.
I just wanna go shoot for fun and have a scoring system so we can score ourselves. We are all in it to improve ourselves and have fun, if someone is in it for the prizes, that's like joining the military for the money. Not a good idea.
Yea I did, yea if we can put something together that would be sweet. I think first we would need to check the property out to see what we have to work with.
Sounds good to me. It's a bit of a drive for me, 3hrs or so, so I'd like to make sure we have everything set up prior to the trip.
Cool man that would help. We can always pick up some wood and build some. If we hold a shoot we may have to charge a little bit just to buy more supplies.
If your up in Oxford that's about a 6 hour drive for me. I don't know if that will work too well for me.
That's not as bad. About 200 miles. Maybe plan for a Saturday morning and I'll head up there early. It will have to be a few weeks tho, I have the next couple booked.
lima4specter said:
You gonna head to the woolmarket one?
Aight ill meet ya there maybe. The wife's bday is that friday so I might have to miss it.
I would except we got 2 small kids. I don't think they would like it all that much.
If I only had a shotgun ha.
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