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3 gun match question.

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I am relatively unfamiliar with the types of competitive shooting disciplines that are out there. I know about USPSA and IDPA. And know some of the basic tennets of their various "classes". What I have not seen though, is what I would call an IDPA style tactical 3 gun match. From what I have seen, the 3 gun matches out there seem to be more of an equipment race rather than an attempt to test the skill of the shooter behind the gun they would choose for self defense, combat, etc. Is there such a competition out there? I would like to be able to compete with my guns, without feeling like i have to spend thousands on them to be able to compete.
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I would except we got 2 small kids. I don't think they would like it all that much.
Has anyone come up with a suggested round count for the match in Woolmarket this coming weekend? That's needed info.
Parker and I are prolly gonna ride down there with guns and ammo.. just need to have a rough amount to know what to bring..

And wonder if they will care if the .223 bullets are hitting the targets sideways? Its gonna be about a week before my new barrel gets here...
Woolmarket 3gun round count is about 100 rounds rifle, 25 rounds shotgun, 25 rounds pistol .
If I only had a shotgun ha.
shotgun is birdshot #7 and up and no steel core rifle ammo.
41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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