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30.06 AP Available From CMP!! - Has arrived

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Check out the CMP Sales Pages ...


Packaged in 8 rd. enbloc clips, 6 clips per bandoleer, 4 bandoleers per spam can. 192 rds in a spam can. May or may not be
Corrosive. Headstamp varies 1939-1952. That is about .36 per round shipped.
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Yes, i'd like the answer to this too. I thought it was illegal to have 30 cal AP inclduing 7.62x51.
Ok, so magnum research make a 30.06 pistol now. How about we ban ALL armor piercing ammo just to make it simple. eh? :thumbup:

[flash=425,350]http://www.youtube.com/v/ggMnvlKr6k8" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true[/flash]


Maadi griffin made a 50bmg pistol a while back. They were one if the first 50bmg rifle makers. They sold completed guns and kits. They were shut down by the feds for selling 50 rifle kits that the feds claimed were not kits but complete firearms, even though the user had to mill out the receivers and more to fit them. It was actually because their owner was a outspoken opponent of gun control laws and Klinton. Hard to find info about the pistols now. Perhaps there are no shooters left to shoot them any more - or all the guns blew up. Who knows? Here's one page with a pic.

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