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30.06 AP Available From CMP!! - Has arrived

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Check out the CMP Sales Pages ...


Packaged in 8 rd. enbloc clips, 6 clips per bandoleer, 4 bandoleers per spam can. 192 rds in a spam can. May or may not be
Corrosive. Headstamp varies 1939-1952. That is about .36 per round shipped.
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Capt, Be sure you don't reload the brass. If it is made in the 1930's, I would not fire it either.

captain-03 said:
Lastest update from CMP
BELTED .30-06 AMMO: CMP now has a small quantity of .30-06 belted ammo. M2 Ball, .30-06, Belted in 250 rd Ammo cloth belts, in .30 cal cans. Manufactured by Kynoch Works (British). 4C3006B200-250P. Corrosive primers. Manufactured 50-53. Weight 18 lbs per can. S&H per can - $9.95. See the ammunition tab on Estore at https://estore.odcmp.com

I have seen 2 1903-A3 rifles blown up because of Kynoch .30-06 M2 Ball manufactured 1959-60. I wonder if they have tested this ammo? The brass cases had poor annealing and the heads split and blew the stocks off the rifles. This can also happen with any manufacutrer of Korean .30 M2 Ball. The French made .30 M2 Ball and the same problem is apparent in their ammo. In Pike County the French ammo destroyed a Rem 760 Pump and a Rem 700ADL. The 700 had the stock blown off it. The 760 had the action swelled and jammed. I observed these rifles personally. Remember, the CMP was offering Korean .30 M2 Ball for sale and recommending it's use until the guns started to blow up.

The Korean ammo has blown up 6 M1 rifles and 5 1903 rifles that I am aware of.

Below, is a photo of a nice M1 that was fired with Korean PS headstamped .30-M2 Ball ammo. Everyone should consider reloading ammo before using foreign military ball ammo. The rifle would probably be serviceable with the addition of a new stock. Can you imagine the flinchitis you would have after an incident like this.

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The Kynoch mg belted ammo is really suspect. The Greek AP is something I would not use if it were dated earlier than 1950. I would also never reload corrosive primed ammo, after it was fired. The corrosive priming can deteriorate the cases and make them unsafe. Also, the fired corrosive cases can rust your barrel when reloaded and fired.

You cannot fault yourself on being careful.

There are several rifle calibers that have been made into pistols in the last few years. 7.62 Nato is made in a pistol by Thompson-Center Arms. This prompted The Feds to add it to the pistol calibers that are illegal to own when loaded with AP bullets. .30-06 is still legal to possess in AP configuration..

jhud said:
I have the AYR lot.

After a case head rupture I am going to be pulling it.

I am not hearing good things on the interior case condition.
You are right., but I hope the case rupture is small, otherwise you may lose the stock on the rifle. I believe this is Danish. Good luck,

Hey Capt,

What year of manufacture is the ammo?

BobaFettSlave_1 said:
hmm. my lots in the mystery zone between good and bad it seems. im gunna check every round careful and use it up and not buy any more. Lake city seems to be the stuff to get so im gunna hunt some of that down

The trouble being, the rounds can look perfect and blow a rifle up because of improper annealing of the brass. If the ammo is suspect, it is not worth your eyes or life.

BobaFettSlave_1 said:
very good point. i think ill just hunt down the LC ammo. its just the brass thats suspect correct? i can save the powder and m2 ball bullets right?
That is what I did with the Korean ammo I was given

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