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30-06 Load Re-Do

As I poured through a ton of notes having to do with bullet used, primers, brass, powder, COAL lengths, and chrony readings – I became over whelmed at the amount of data I had amassed along with the amount of components used, money spent, time and effort expended. WOW!!!!

What did I accomplish that has not already been tried by so many who pursued load development for the 30-06? NOTHING!!!!!! I did have fun though and in all honesty did learn more than my 30yrs of past load work with the 30-06.

I am not going to bore anyone with the mountain of detailed data I have accumulated in some gratuitous effort to demonstrate what already has been done by so many professionals/lay shooters, hunters, and reloaders.

So let me summarize what generally works in most if not pretty much all 30-06 rifles that can shoot good. As much as I love a 30-06 and you all know I do, you will find at least 30% of the time a 30-06 takes a lot of work to get it to shoot. What I have found with most factory rifles is that a 30-06 will shoot or it won't. Some will shoot just one load or one factory ammo and nothing else. As versatile as the 30-06 is, it can be a nightmare to get it to group tight. Now I have owned 14 30-06 rifles and loaded and helped a bunch of friends over 35yrs with their 30-06 loads and rifles and I am here to tell you that a 30-06 from the factory will either shoot or it won't. I know there are exceptions to all things but generally I have found this true.

Powders that I liked:

MRP = gave the highest velocities and had average to good hunting accuracy. I was able to achive 3020fps out of a 24” Mark V with a 165gr bullet using published data. Reached 2710fps with 208gr A-max out of a Ruger Hawkeye 22” barrel.

RL-22 = good hunting accuracy, and was able to reach 2829fps out of a Ruger Hawkeye 22” barrel with a 180gr bullet and 2607fps with a 220gr bullet out of same Ruger.

H4350 = gave outstanding to very excellent accuracy with 150, 165, 180 and 208 A-Max. Reached 2689fps with a 200gr bullet and outstanding accuracy. And 2836fps with 1/2” accuracy using a 180gr bullet with a Ruger Hawkeye. Reached 2987fps with a 165gr bullet and most accurate load tested in any of my 30-06 rifles in a Mark V 24” barrel having ¼’ accuracy.

IMR4350 = was very accurate in my Ruger Hawkeye pushing a 165gr bullet at 2854fps.

I tried these powders and the above mentioned powders I just happen to like the most. Powders used: Varget, IMR4320, AA2495BR, W-760, IMR4064, IMR3031, IMR4831, IMR4350, IMR4895, H4350, H4831, RL-15, RL-19, RL-22, Norma MRP

Bullets that I liked (these are by no stretch not all that I tried:

Sierra = G/K 165gr HPBT

Nosler = BT 180gr

Nosler = Accubond 200gr

Hornady = A-Max 208gr

Seirra = Pro/Hunter 220gr RN

Woodliegh = 240gr PP

Primers used:

CCI200, CCI250, Rem 9 ½, Rem 9 1/2M, Fed 210, Fed 210M, Fed215M (I like the Fed 210M the best)

Brass used:

Winchester, Remington, Nosler (I like the Winchester brass the best)

Like I said, after all my work I discovered nothing really new under the sun when it comes to the 30-06 and loads, except components cost more today than they did in the past. I still had fun but I think that will do it for me and my load work for the 30-06 for the rest of my life. ☺

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jbpmidas said:
I would like to see what you did with the Winchester 760 and 165 gr. bullets.
760 was very accurate also in my Mark V. Start two grains below Sierra book and work up, you will find when it is getting close to max and that is where I found accuracy with 760 and the Sierra G/K HPBT
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