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.30-06 vs 7mm Rem Mag Recoil?

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I've got a Tikka M695 Whitetail Hunter in .30-06. I've cheated on the recoil, and have had a recoil can and a Limbsaver pad installed. I've used it as my go-to deer rifle for years, and kinda know what to expect.

I traded a while back into a Steyr Pro Hunter in 7mm Rem Mag. It's just sat all winter long, and I've not shot it or even scoped it. Well, I've arranged for a scope (a Zeiss Rapid-Z 600) for it, so it's about time to scope it and sight it in soon.

Question I have is: recoil-wise, how do the two compare? I've read on "recoil charts" that they're fairly comparable. I'd assume that it depends on how the stock of the rifle is engineered. I know the Tikka has a well earned reputation for thumping your shoulder, and mine used to before I did all that work on it. I've read that the Steyr is a good shooter and the synthetic stock absorbs more recoil than (for example) a Browning X bolt or a Remington Model 700 in the same caliber, but how about vs. a .30-06?

What's y'alls experience?
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True. I never feel recoil when hunting anyhow, but at the range, I guess I'm getting to be a wuss.

Back at Benning, I took a downright beating at the M203 range in the prone position. Now THAT was a whoopin', so I guess it's all relative...
Ah, a nugget of gold there! I've never heard that before, but it's gonna be applied on the Steyr. I only got "scope eye" once, and believe it or not, it was on a .25-06. Turned about 160 degrees to my left, which put the scope too close to my right eye when I fired. Never even thought about it until after the shot. Then? Yeah, I thought about it.
Well, thanks for all the replies. I got my scope mounted and cheated-I let the guy mounting it sight it in 1.5" high at 100 yards. So, my first chance to shoot it was under field conditions. I know, I know, never hunt a rifle you haven't shot-but I've used this guy enough to trust his work. Anyhow.....

I had a doe walk out at what I thought was 125-130 yards, so I put the crosshairs right on the heart and pulled the trigger. Was hunting with my daughter, who's 5, and she "helped" me track the deer with a blood trail that looked like you'd put red dye in a sprayer. Found the deer <50 yards away, had the hole right where I aimed, and the distance turned out to be 165 yards. I was pleased with the limited recoil, and have shot it since without noticing a whole lot of difference vs my .30-06 (which has been tamed down).
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1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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