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.30-06 vs 7mm Rem Mag Recoil?

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I've got a Tikka M695 Whitetail Hunter in .30-06. I've cheated on the recoil, and have had a recoil can and a Limbsaver pad installed. I've used it as my go-to deer rifle for years, and kinda know what to expect.

I traded a while back into a Steyr Pro Hunter in 7mm Rem Mag. It's just sat all winter long, and I've not shot it or even scoped it. Well, I've arranged for a scope (a Zeiss Rapid-Z 600) for it, so it's about time to scope it and sight it in soon.

Question I have is: recoil-wise, how do the two compare? I've read on "recoil charts" that they're fairly comparable. I'd assume that it depends on how the stock of the rifle is engineered. I know the Tikka has a well earned reputation for thumping your shoulder, and mine used to before I did all that work on it. I've read that the Steyr is a good shooter and the synthetic stock absorbs more recoil than (for example) a Browning X bolt or a Remington Model 700 in the same caliber, but how about vs. a .30-06?

What's y'alls experience?
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jakeg823 said:
Rbelote said:
7 mag recoil isnt bad.
not at all...got a black eye from a '06 though once.....was my first time shooting anything bigger than a 22 rifle...was about 14 years old(my family wasnt very big into guns...at least not till recently)
Here's what you weren't taught at 14. If you move the scope forward to where the rear of the scope is even with the rear of the triggerguard, you will force your head down to a good spot weld on the stock and a black eye is impossible unless you have sky high rings. I picked that up in 'Art of the Rifle' by Col. Jeff Cooper.
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