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.30-06 vs 7mm Rem Mag Recoil?

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I've got a Tikka M695 Whitetail Hunter in .30-06. I've cheated on the recoil, and have had a recoil can and a Limbsaver pad installed. I've used it as my go-to deer rifle for years, and kinda know what to expect.

I traded a while back into a Steyr Pro Hunter in 7mm Rem Mag. It's just sat all winter long, and I've not shot it or even scoped it. Well, I've arranged for a scope (a Zeiss Rapid-Z 600) for it, so it's about time to scope it and sight it in soon.

Question I have is: recoil-wise, how do the two compare? I've read on "recoil charts" that they're fairly comparable. I'd assume that it depends on how the stock of the rifle is engineered. I know the Tikka has a well earned reputation for thumping your shoulder, and mine used to before I did all that work on it. I've read that the Steyr is a good shooter and the synthetic stock absorbs more recoil than (for example) a Browning X bolt or a Remington Model 700 in the same caliber, but how about vs. a .30-06?

What's y'alls experience?
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I'm a big gun nut and havce owned many of them. The worst recoil I have ever encountered was with a old Win. 670 in 30-06. It took several trips out shooting it to get the scope zeroed in. About 3 shots a day was all I could stand to shoot the rifle. It was brutal. The way I got the rifle is because a friend had it and couldn't stand to shoot it. He was a lot smaller than I was. Back then I thought I could stand anything. The friend traded me the 30-06 for a 22 rifle because he couldn't take the recoil of that 30-06. I told him he was a whimp because he couldn't take the recoil. When I took it out I saw the reason he got rid of it.

I finally got it zeroed in and sold it later for $125.00 scope and all. A few years ago I ran across another rifle just like that one and bought it just to say I had the kickingest rifle around. I carried this rifle out and shot it expecting the heavy recoil. This rifle shot sweet very little recoil. Not nearly as bad as the old one I had had. with everything the same.

Then on another occasion I ran into this situation. My 2 cousins went out and bought 2 brand new 700 remington 7mm mag rifles at the same time from the same store. Each rifle was setup exactly alike same everything scopes mounts and all. I went out to shoot with them. I shot both rifles out of the same box of ammo. 1 rifle shot smooth and the other kicked at least 2x as hard. These rifles were identical in every way. Bought the same day from the same store. From the same box of ammo the recoil was totally different between the 2 rifle's. The only difference was the serial #'s.
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