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30 cal tracers...

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Anybody know where to get some?

Ive found some here




Thats about all ive been able to find..

oldsargesdropzone.com doesnt show a Hazmat fee and ive never heard of them so kinda leary to make an order.

I dont want many, 500 max.

What do yall know ?
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Try --


I have tried loading tracers in .308 and 30.06 without much success. Many just did not light ... used to inexpensive plinking rounds!! There are some secrets to loading them; powder selection may be the key ...

I have never paid a hazmat fee for tracer bullets ...
Beladran said:
tracer rounds are usually sealed with a tar if a remember right because moisture degrades their ability to light off. someone else can chime in on that. some of the older tracers lighted in the barrel where as the new ones have a delayed fuse. They also make tracer rounds that work exclusivly with night vision. I think the better tracer rounds are the gree tip russian ones just my two pennies
You will find the "tar" on a lot of milsurp ammo ... it is usually on the case neck to help seal the round. Never seen it on the rear of a bullet. Most tracers have a copper shield on the rear to seal in the tracer compound ... let me pull some out tomorrow and see if I can get a picture or two ... Yep - I like the green also!!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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