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300 AAC Blackout, would you buy it again?

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I have an opportunity to buy an Anderson Upper. I think it is fairly priced. (my research says)
MY question to MSGO, is, if you started from scratch, would you buy the caliber?(again) 16inch, no suppressor.

I reload, but, not really seeking to start up another caliber. Down the rabbit hole again.

Thanks in advance. Thought/opinions.
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I have been thinking about it but talk myself out of it each time. I will more than likely get another one day though.
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The 300 BLK excels at one thing really; a suppressor host. If that is the goal then yes 300 BLK is the ticket. If hunting is the goal or any supersonic use for that matter; then I would recommend looking at the 300 HAM'R . It has a good selection of bullets if reloading and out performs all of the 6.8 calibers available to the AR-15 builder. If not planning on reloading the 300 HAM'R is still a decent choice in terms of ammo offerings although not particularly cheap.

I would avoid the 350 Legend; it just isn't ready for prime time yet. Bullet selection is problematic at best.

EDIT: If you're looking to go supersonic but the 300 HAM'R just doesn't float your boat then I'd recommend looking at either the 277 WLV or the 6.8 SPC. Even the 7.62x39 for cheaper ammo options.
I would go 30 Herret (TAC 30) before the Hamm'r. The 350 is to new for me but as far as bullets all you would have to do is resize 357/38 bullets to the .356 diameter it is.
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Welllllllllllll ..................... sort of. Problem with 350 Legend bullet selection is the lack of rifle bullets for it. You can resize pistol bullets but; they are just not designed for the velocities the Legend is capable of. Also; the SAMMI spec on it is like 355 to 358 (thats a pretty wide spread. Add to that manufacturing tolerances and accuracy is all over the place. I'll wait and see how it settles in; but honestly I don't think it will ever amount to much other than a legal straight wall hunting round in some states.

EDIT: And while I agree the 30 TC is a good round; for the AR I would pick the 300 HAM'R
Bullets for the 357 max/ mag should work ok as the max gets to almost 2K fps. But to me the 350 legend is good for 100 yard in states that require straight wall.
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I know several folks that have great success with it. Definitely like seeing someone post something positive about it.

If you load for it and try more than the popular powders you may find a winner that’ll push what you want out of it. The short case is the killer thing tho. You can only pack so much in there.
I bet Shooters World Socom would do good.
That’s on a whole different scale! Apples to oranges!
And why not the longer barrel? 200fps not worth it to you? Gotta think outside the box and stop listening to the magazine salesmen.
I’m telling you,if you have the time and fortitude there’s other things the round has to offer.

This round is limited but people tend not think outside the box or popular opinion with it. Everyone thinks a heavy pill has to run slow. It’s not so.

Bad thing is......I think those that say it’s like a 30-30,should revisit that round as well. This cartridge isn’t touching anything I load for mine.
I can load a thuty, thuty to best it.
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Oh I have no doubt that the blk would not out do them. The 30/30 can best the blk (IMO) load for load.

I may have to get that 30/30 load off of you when I start loading for mine.
I've never had good luck in 3 different 300 Bogus barrels lengths.
If your only into plinking, 7.62x39
Only hunting, 6.8
Plinking and very little hunting, 223 with Atleast 8 twist to shoot the heavies.

i see you
Plinking 223/5.56
Hunting 6.8, 277 wlv
Both Plinking and Hunting---1ea 223/5.56 and either or a 6.8, 277wlv.

Fun--458 socom

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