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300 AAC Blackout, would you buy it again?

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I have an opportunity to buy an Anderson Upper. I think it is fairly priced. (my research says)
MY question to MSGO, is, if you started from scratch, would you buy the caliber?(again) 16inch, no suppressor.

I reload, but, not really seeking to start up another caliber. Down the rabbit hole again.

Thanks in advance. Thought/opinions.
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As long as have a can to use with it. And like above, only if reload for it. Can convert 223 cases and use .30 cal bullets so components are fairly cheap. Would definitely stick with short barrel/pistol. And as long as you understand its limitations it's a good round.
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Just re read your first post. To answer your question- no.
Not in a longer barrel and not without a can or reloading. I'd just get an AR 10.
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That’s on a whole different scale! Apples to oranges!
And why not the longer barrel? 200fps not worth it to you? Gotta think outside the box and stop listening to the magazine salesmen.
I’m telling you,if you have the time and fortitude there’s other things the round has to offer.

This round is limited but people tend not think outside the box or popular opinion with it. Everyone thinks a heavy pill has to run slow. It’s not so.

Bad thing is......I think those that say it’s like a 30-30,should revisit that round as well. This cartridge isn’t touching anything I load for mine.
True. But if was wanting it to hunt with and not reload for then there are better and cheaper options out there. It's not a round I'd "plink" with for sure if didn't reload for it. And if not suppressing it then don't need it for "tactical" reasons.
Not doubting you with that. My reason for the round was for suppression. So not loading anything hot. And only loaded my super sonic hunting rounds to the most accurate charge.
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I built a 10.5" sbr and in the last month I purchased an IWI Tavor in 300 BO I absolutely love both of them. I'm running a silencerco Omega on it and its quite a nice piece to shoot. The recoil is very minimal when it is suppressed and the gas is not as bad on the Tavor as it is on my 10.5" AR.
Adjustable gas block on AR? Also found upgrading BCG to a more vented one as well as drilling the CH to help with GITF (gas in the face)
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