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300 AAC Blackout, would you buy it again?

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I have an opportunity to buy an Anderson Upper. I think it is fairly priced. (my research says)
MY question to MSGO, is, if you started from scratch, would you buy the caliber?(again) 16inch, no suppressor.

I reload, but, not really seeking to start up another caliber. Down the rabbit hole again.

Thanks in advance. Thought/opinions.
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If you’ll reload for it,do it. If you’re going to feed it factory rounds pass. If all else fails.......you could always re-barrel it into some other caliber.

I’m no subsonic guy but like the heavies (230gn) out of it at 14/1500fps.....some faster. As far as killing something.......it’ll do ok with the mentioned above at 100/125yrds. Possibly farther,I have never shot anything but steel farther than that tho.
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Got one of the ACC Handi Rifles a few years ago in the .300BLK. Loved it so much I bought a PSA AR pistol last year. I plan to get a 16" upper in .300 the next time I catch them on sale. Grandkids love shooting the AR, and grandson took a 130lbs doe with the Handi last year.
I know several folks that have great success with it. Definitely like seeing someone post something positive about it.

If you load for it and try more than the popular powders you may find a winner that’ll push what you want out of it. The short case is the killer thing tho. You can only pack so much in there.
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Just re read your first post. To answer your question- no.
Not in a longer barrel and not without a can or reloading. I'd just get an AR 10.
That’s on a whole different scale! Apples to oranges!
And why not the longer barrel? 200fps not worth it to you? Gotta think outside the box and stop listening to the magazine salesmen.
I’m telling you,if you have the time and fortitude there’s other things the round has to offer.

This round is limited but people tend not think outside the box or popular opinion with it. Everyone thinks a heavy pill has to run slow. It’s not so.

Bad thing is......I think those that say it’s like a 30-30,should revisit that round as well. This cartridge isn’t touching anything I load for mine.
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I can load a thuty, thuty to best it.
In 140-180gn yes sir! Never tried anything else. But I have some 30-30 loads that you can use a 180gn lead bullet to knock 1/4” deep holes in 5/8” steel with at 75yards. Bet money there’s not a 300blk load out that will put preform them.
I’ve got a “few” different 300 loads and I haven’t done it lol
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