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.303 British ammo

Discussion in 'Sold' started by Chane, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Chane

    Chane Distinguished Poster

    Asked to post this by a friend. 505 rounds of .303 British ammo for sale. Some South African ammo. S&B. And a few rounds of soft nose Remington Core Loct. Eleven Enfield stripper clips included.
    All of it for $250.
    Or 250 rounds for $125
    New Albany area FTF sale.

    Update: Went to move some of the ammo around and noticed that two boxes contained ammo that had the green coloration of older Wolf ammo. I'd been assured by others that it was all .303 ammo but I got curious and checked it against the other .303. Well, it's not. 8mm is my guess. So I've changed the ad and reduced the round count by the 40 rounds of green colored ammunition that I found. (In the two plain white colored boxes in the picture below.)
    Now I'm in the process of going thru and checking each round individually to make sure they are .303. They are all brass so I know that no more Wolf or Tula ammo is hidden amongst them, but I'm running a magnet over each one and setting aside the bullets that are magnetic so that there won't be any more surprises. I'll put a round count up on how many of those there are once I finish.

    2nd update: As of right now there are 41 soft nosed hunting rounds. Remington Core-Lokt in a Remington box and 21 other hunting type rounds
    And there are 59 rounds that are magnetic. Either steel jacketed, steel cored or armor piercing.

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  2. DVP Firearms

    DVP Firearms Member

    Is this still available?

  3. Chane

    Chane Distinguished Poster

    Yes. Still available.
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  4. Chane

    Chane Distinguished Poster

    Put some updated information in my ad.
  5. Jason0311

    Jason0311 Distinguished Poster

    How's the new round count effecting the pricing?
  6. Chane

    Chane Distinguished Poster

    Didn't effect it a bit. It's sold. Mods you can close the thread.