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308 hunting round

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now that I have my 308 and breaking her in what is everyones go to hunting round? Berger VLD, Barnes TSX, Nosler Accubonds, etc???? I wish they sold a multi pack like 15 of each to try out and see which I like.

Anyone have any laying around they want to get rid of? 15 or so of the TSX or VLD?
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Ive been using CT's Ballistic Siver Tips (same bullet used in Winchester Supreme) in 168gr. with 44gr of Varget in Winchester brass with either CCI LR or MLR primers (the magnums are safe and add just a little more flame to get complete powder burn).
In my 700 with a 26" Shilen barrel, 1-12 twist, been putting them in 1" groups at 1000 yards. The moly coating really saves my barrel life and makes clean up a WHOLE lot easier. Definitely worth a try. And they're only $20/50 through midwayusa
thanks for bringing that up. didnt realize that the 0 was left out of it. 10" groups at 1K yards. 100 yds = 5 shots in the size of a quarter.
I think if it were shooting that well, Id be wearing a gold medal around my neck and have M1A's given to me. Though, 10" groups at 1K yards is nothing to balk at for most people. Definitely not as good as my ol' M40A3 but then again, I dont shoot as well as I did a couple years ago either. damn IED's.....
155's are good for about what you said. IMO
whats your twist rate?
if you want to jump out to longer ranges, you pretty much have to jump up to 165-175gr.
I like the Berger 168's, though they're a little expensive for finding a good load. So I stick with the BST 168's or the AMAX 168. (the BC is just barely lower on the AMAX -- just enough to make a difference at longer ranges compared to the BST's).
Once you pass 600 yards, every little bit of BC you can get, you better get!! And with the 168's dropping in excess of 300", the 175's are like throwing a tank into a hurricane with the way they drop. However, from experience, they have their place so dont rule them out.
Wow, that was a mouthful....you'd think Id lived this stuff for 10 years for a living....
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