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308 hunting round

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now that I have my 308 and breaking her in what is everyones go to hunting round? Berger VLD, Barnes TSX, Nosler Accubonds, etc???? I wish they sold a multi pack like 15 of each to try out and see which I like.

Anyone have any laying around they want to get rid of? 15 or so of the TSX or VLD?
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My go to hunting bullet is a Barnes TSX...that's all I will hunt with from now on...They are bad a$$....

Everything I've ever shot with one did not even quiver....DOA

It is my understanding that Berger VLD's are basically target bullets...some say they can be used for hunting...I might be tempted to try some but the Barnes Triple Shocks are so good I don't see much to improve on

IMR 4064 is my powder of choice for 308, next would be Varget and RL15 (as long as it was not extremely hot)
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