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327 Vs 38sp

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Any experience with the new 327? Wondering how the recoil compared to the 38sp.
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Been trying to find a SP101 in 327 Federal for quite a while

If its like most SP101's it will definitely need a trigger job...
Trouble with recoil on a 38......

Get a good heavy frame Smith and Wesson ...like a 686 and either load or have loaded for you some "lite" 38 wadcutters

I'll assume you are trying to teach someone how to shoot.

This is my plan for teaching my daughter

I need to study up on the 327 Federal a little more.
Federal and sister company CCI Speer co-developed the new 327 Federal round to complement the SP101 platform already available in 357 mag.

It's touted to closely mimic the 357 mag but with only 1/2 the felt recoil. Federal accomplished this by launching 32 caliber bullets at higher velocities....They lengthened and strengthened the parent 32 H&R Magnum case.

Muzzle velocities for the 3 loads available are sizzling!...nearly double the various popular .38 special +p loads.

One positive...if you get a 327 Federal you can always shoot .32 Magnum and .32 S&W Long or .32 S&W rounds for practice and plinking.

It seems to be a good concept...which is why I its on my "need" list.

Hope this helps :D
One of the "advantages" of loading your own ammo is you can load em down....

I'm going to be working on what I call a 38 special "poo poo" load...where it will barely push a 100 Gr wadcutter out the barrel with 2.7 Gr. Bullseye

Warning: Gotta be just as careful loading lite loads as you do hot ones. You don't want a bullet to lodge in the barrel and have a KB!
Your wife or "significant person" is gonna love all then packages from Larry Potterfied (midwayusa).

I come home at night...wife says...Larry brought you another today....Uhhhhhh. Thanks Hon...I know...grinning.

You will enjoy reloading
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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