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327 Vs 38sp

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Any experience with the new 327? Wondering how the recoil compared to the 38sp.
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Just read on another forum the recoil fits between the 357 and the 38. Thought it could be a good round for people who have trouble with the recoil of a 38. Guess not.
msredneck said:
Trouble with recoil on a 38......

Get a good heavy frame Smith and Wesson ...like a 686 and either load or have loaded for you some "lite" 38 wadcutters

I'll assume you are trying to teach someone how to shoot.

This is my plan for teaching my daughter

I need to study up on the 327 Federal a little more.
Yes, wife and sister. The "lite" loads is a good idea. thanks.
Found The ABC's of Reloading, goin to study a while and jump in with both feet. Has more advantages than I ever thought.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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