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35 Whelen Reloaders write in

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I used Speer 180gr flat points in my 35 Whelen this year at 2700 fps
it was very accurate on paper but blew up on the shoulder bone of the first deer I shot.

I have emailed all the bullet manufacturers asking why can't they make a 180 gr. bullet
that is pointed and designed to hold up on whitetail deer for the velocity the Whelen gets
2600-2800 fps . I really like the 180 gr weight because of the lighter recoil and flatter trajectory that a 180 gr PSP should achieve.

I really think there would be a market for them here in Mississippi where the Whelen is legal for the Primitive Weapon season and We really don't need a heavy bullet for Mississippi whitetails.

If everybody that has Whelen will email the bullet manufactures "Hornady, Speer, Sierra, and Barnes" they might take notice and make something for us.
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I have not tried the 180gr Hornady bullet because it was designated by them to be a handgun bullet even so its gotta beat the Speer also I'm sure the 200gr. or heavier bullets will preform well on deer I tried the Hornady 200 gr. rubber tip and 225 gr Sierra BTSP but could not get them to shoot inside 3" circle at 100 yards.

Have you ever hit a heavy bone with the Hornady 180 gr ?

With the Speer I hit a 150 lb doe square on the shoulder at 150 yards she got back up & fell down 3 times but the Speer is so accurate I was able to hit her between the eyes with a second shot
of course the shoulder shot might have been a fluke I'm just
not use to deer getting back up when hit in the shoulder. The bullet just did not punch through like it should have I suspect it was designed for the 35 Rem not the Whelen.

I'll probably try the Hornady 180 I like Hornady bullets.

The Speer Bullet likes IMR 4064. What powder are you using?
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I just got this email from Hornady:

Our 180 gr. sp is a single shot pistol bullet and should stop at a max muzzle velocity of 2400 we do have a 200gr. bullet that could go up to the 2900 fps at muzzel Thanks

I guess I will have to try their 200 gr PSP because the slowest 180gr load for the Whelen is 2500 fps.
I just wish I could get a 180 gr PSP bullet that is designed for
2600-3000 fps like a Nosler Partition or Trophy Bonded.
At least 2 other cartridges would produce this kind of velocity
350 Rem. Mag and the 358 Norma Mag. so there is a market for
the bullets. I'll probably try the Hornady 180 and 200 PSP if they
shoot accurately enough the Hornady 200 FTX did not shoot
good in my gun. The 180 gr Hornady has got to beat the Speer
performance on deer.
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