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35 whelen vs 444

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What are yalls thoughts on the main differnces between the two as it pertains to deer hunting?
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the 35 whelen is bringing a punch with it. it is a pretty big chunk of lead. altho not as big as the 444 or 45/70 it still is a chunk.

i would think 35 whelen would be sufficient for anything the 444 or 45/70 is and better in other situations...
Just get the 450 marlin and be done with it. :)
PWB said:
what I don't understand is that of all the firearm manufacturers that make these single shot rifles there are none in .35 Remington...(they may be out there but I haven't seen them)..plenty of knockdown for either hog or whitetail and not nearly as much recoil as a 35 Whelen, .45-70, or .444.
i have the 35 rem in a handi rifle. i know you have seen it in my other thread, but to let anyone else know. it has been fired 3 times this deer season and brought down 3 deer, none of which ran over about 15 yards (1 was DRT, 1 ran 10 feet, 1 ran 15 yards). that is plenty good enough for me! shoots great and accurate. i THINK you can get a 35rem barrel for a T/C Encore too. not sure tho. those are the only 2 i know of that are made... and the handi is a rare bird.
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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