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35 whelen vs 444

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What are yalls thoughts on the main differnces between the two as it pertains to deer hunting?
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depends on rifle you shooting it out of...hard to compare a 35 whelen out of an encore with a short barreled 35 whelen handi rifle

I've been disasppointed in my 444 Marlin Handi...well documented on other threads

Next years primative weapon will be a Encore Prohunter in 35 Whelen with a barrel of sufficient length...I'm not sold on these short barreled Handi's any more

The 35 Whelen was the poor mans 375 H&H way back in the day...its a bad boy...but you still gotta have enough pipe to get velosity out of it

444 marlin might be fine out of something like a guide gun...but that aint no single shot primative weapon is it
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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