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380 Suggestion

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I am going to get a 380 for a bug and for something thats easier to carry when im dressed up. I was thinking about getting the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 or the Ruger lcp.

Looking for thoughts, pros and cons on these guns and other suggestions if anyone has any.

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The way I have to dress for work normally keeps me from anything other than pocket carry and I generally carry my LCP in a leather pocket holster. It carries well, is well made and has been totally reliable. I don't even know it's there. I looked at the Bodyguard .380 and it just did not have a good feel to me personally and I can't say anything about how it shoots. Another .380 that I have acquired recently is the Taurus TCP. It has also proven to be a reliable gun. Colt also makes some nice .380's if you can come across one at a price you like.

I'm not sure what your budget is but if you want one of the finest pocket guns money can buy, you might check out the Rohrbaugh 9mm. It's the smallest 9mm made. Here's a link to one of the dealers on the forum who sells them.


Most of the cons you hear are that the .380 is not an adequate round for self defense but I don't personally share that view. Sometimes circumstance dictates things and we have to adapt the best we can and I'd rather have a .380 in my pocket than no gun at all. You may also consider a revolver such as the Ruger LCR. :2c:

Here are some other good topics on the forum you might like:


Good Luck!!!!
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