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380 Suggestion

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I am going to get a 380 for a bug and for something thats easier to carry when im dressed up. I was thinking about getting the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard 380 or the Ruger lcp.

Looking for thoughts, pros and cons on these guns and other suggestions if anyone has any.

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I carry a SIG, and just repurchased a Taurus I previously carried.
The SIG is beautiful and shoots great, but the Taurus is lighter, therefore prints less in the front pocket of my khakis. For carry, I prefer the Taurus. I've never had any problems with it. I've shot a couple of the Rugers and think the Taurus has a better trigger.

I highly recommend the DeSantis "Super Fly" holster despite it's stupid name. Pretty cheap, durable, works great. Same as the "Nemesis", but with the flap, which makes it virtually undetectable.
Shooter said:
As much as I like my SA autos I cringe at the thought of carrying one cocked and locked in a pocket. I carry one in a holster every day, but in a pocket I want a DOA with a safety and even then I might want some type of holster/pocket protector arangement.
I forgot about that aspect. I, too, prefer DAO on a carry pistol. Not just for the safety of it, but one less thing to deal with in a high stress situation. I haven't had a problem with the SIG, always holstered.

As many here know, I'm a big time Smith fan...in fact the 380's are the only non-S&W handguns I own. That said, I have passed on their Bodyguard...for now. I'll probably try one in a year or so. THey have a history of releasing new products with "bugs" that get worked out later, dating all the way back to the Model 39 in the '50's. From what I read these have been the same. Did run a magazine through one last week. Felt & shot well. Owner was very happy with it. Still...my Daddy always said to never buy a car in its' first year of production.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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