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44 mag barrel for my pardner!

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I have a NEF pardner 12 ga receiver that I had layin around. I got to talkin to a guy online and found out he had a 44 mag barrel and stock set he wasn't using so we came to an agreement and I bought it. It came in today so I put it together and checked it out. I gotta do a lil doctoring as the latch won't catch just yet but that's no biggie. I'm stoked. Can't wait to shoot it!

Now I have a lever gun, single shot, and revolver all in 44 mag. Pretty cool.
Still gotta add a recoil pad and sling swivels but thats ok.

Pics when I can get to a real computer. :D
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NEF Handi's are just that.....Handy

Multitudes of barrels available....cheap....my 444 Marlin came with a 270 Win Barrel...its never been on the gun cause I'd need another scope for it
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