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45-70 Gov hand load max pressure

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I've been considering hand loading some 45-70 ammo but I don't know what the max pressure tolerance is for my rifle. Lyman load data indicates minimal loads for the old trap-door Springfields. Loads are a little hotter for Marlin and Winchester lever guns. Loads are hottest for the Ruger No.1 but Layman explicitly says not to use those loads in any rifle other than Ruger No.1 and No.3

I shoot the NEF / H&R 45-70 Buffalo Classic and I can't seem to find any information on what kind of pressure this rifle can take. Any suggestion?
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Thanks for the info, guys. I'll probably contact NEF / H&R for some specific data. I'll post when I have some "manufacturer approved" recommendations.

I'd love to have some hard-hitting 500gr ammo but I don't want to lose my face and/or fingers in pursuit of my goal.
OK. Well, H&R customer support sure wasn't much help. The referred me to the SAAMI website which still didn't give me any manufacturer/model specific information. On the plus side, Buffalo Bore does seem to have a very high opinion of the H&R rifle's strength. That alone confirms that these rifles can take a beating. Thanks for helping out fellas.
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