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45 ACP pet loads

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After a 15 year vacation from reloading, the Obama admin renewed my interest....now I'm addicted again.

so far my favorite 45 ACP load is:

Fed Brass
Fed Large Pistol primers
Green Dot : 4.5 gr
200 gr LSWC from Precison Delta seat bullet 1.260 Oal

And yours are? Care to share them
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Unfortunately I know nothing about a Dillion press except I do like their ads in the gun mags....

I have a Lee Turret that has the index removed making it a single stage.

I had a "squibb load" one time that locked up a revolver between the cylinder and the forcing cone.........got lucky.....ever since that time my progressive has been "neutered"...Its slower...but safer for me...I also visually inspect each powder charge in an RCBS tray before seating a bullet....

What's time to a Hog!

Been wanting to try some W231 on 45 ACP...its on my "to do list"

I tend to try to seat my bullets pretty close to max oal on my LSWC's...they tend to feed better for me...the shorter i get the more problems I have.
Hey Slab

That max oal is on a Precision Delta 200 LSWC..its about 1.265

I go shorter on jacketed

massair stated that He tended to go long as well

whatever works for ya
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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