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6/25/10 fishing

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Went this morning for a few hours and really got on a white trout bite. Had some nice specks mixed in but not sure how many specks we ended up with as we were well under our limit so didn't count. Best speck was around 3lb. Not giant white trout but nice size. We left them biting because the chest was so full the lid would not close. Sure glad my buddy needed fish for his freezer and took them all home so I don't have to clean a single fish. Caught everything in about 9' on bottom with about any color plastic bait you wanted to throw on a jig. Caught them all on on one of the beach front reefs.

Was catching specks and white trout and this thing showed up on my jig.

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Not real long, maybe 5-7 mins. I hooked him on a med H rod and 30# Power Pro so I was able to put a lot of pressure on it.
We are fishing in the back now.
GunOneDown said:
I been busy and not fished lately. Y'all doing any good right now?
Still catching lots of whiteys and a few legal specks. Picking up a few flounder here and there too. Trip before last trip out lost a red that looked to be 20-25lbs. BSL is full of Lady fish right now too which isn't a blessing. Had 2 Lady fish take 2 lures away from me yesterday. Bit through 30lb PP like kite string :yell: .
If your on the east side the Merlin Necaise launch is a good place. If your on the west side the Magic Casino launch is good. You can also launch in the industrial canal behind pre-stress but the launch leaves a lot to be desired.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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