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6.8 SPC Load Data

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UH Oh!!!! No pics!
Going to make this a sticky so it doesn't get lost
Sticky done lost it's stick! :( Photobucket has developed some rusted holes in the bottom and its contents leaked out. :groan:
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I just upload everything to the this server. Only people I trust is the RAID 1 on my own computer to store my pics! One day I'll change it to SSD.
90gr TNT, Nosler case, CCI 400, AA2200
16" 11.25 twist ARP barrel.
28.5gr 2544fps
29gr 2560
29.5gr 2625
30gr 2684
31gr 2750 less than 1.25 inch @ 200 yards

110 vmax, Hornady case, CCI 400, AA2230
16" 11.25 twist ARP barrel 2520fps
16" 10 twist BHW barrel 2531fps

COAL 2.290" of all rounds
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