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6.8SPC = .270WIN?

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was talking to a friend and he was asking if the 6.8SPC is the same as the .270 Winchester...

anyone know? the paper shows it as a .270 caliber, but is that just the size of the bullet, or does that mean he can buy .270 ammo and shoot it through this AR?

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The projectile is a .277"... the case is short... You could almost call it a 270 short.. like a 22 short :D


another thing... there are 2 different chambers for 6.8spc..gotta hope you get the right one.
Supposidly Remington did.. but Barrett built the first AR15 platform 6.8..
I only have a 270win.. 140gr Berger at 3000fps..
I have shot some 115gr SMKs out of my 270 and they are really fast and shoot good.

I want a 6.8 Upper, just maybe one day..
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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