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6.8SPC = .270WIN?

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was talking to a friend and he was asking if the 6.8SPC is the same as the .270 Winchester...

anyone know? the paper shows it as a .270 caliber, but is that just the size of the bullet, or does that mean he can buy .270 ammo and shoot it through this AR?

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6.8mm is roughly equal to 0.27 inches (0.2677 to be exact). This means that the bullet is the same diameter. Reloaders could use the same bullets for loading 270 Win and 6.8 SPC. Like Beladran was saying, the cases are not even remotely the same. It would be interesting to compare velocities and trajectories of bullets of equal weight fired from both 270 Win and 6.8 SPC. Anyone have experience with these two rounds?
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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