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600 yard high power load

Discussion in 'Reloading/Ammunition' started by L Smith, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. L Smith

    L Smith Distinguished Poster

    Trying to get ready in case I can go to Talladega for the EIC match in June. Was wondering if some people were still on 69 grain or stepping it up to 77 grain or 80 grainers? I will be using either Varget or RL-15. Somehow I'll have to figure out if I put 1/4 min. or 1/2 min. rear sight on my AR, I forgot which one I bought.
  2. shoeshooter

    shoeshooter Distinguished Poster

    Can't help you with a load. My one trip there I used store-bought Prvi 69 gr.

    Put a scope on that rifle. Mines labeled with the click size so I can't forget. :)

  3. Mr. Squirrel

    Mr. Squirrel Distinguished Poster

    I'm using 69gr because that's the heaviest my barrel will stabilize. I would suggest you roll with the heaviest bullet that your rifle will shoot accurately for 600.
  4. Sum Gy Custom Firearms

    Sum Gy Custom Firearms Distinguished Poster

    3 gunners I know are mostly shooting 77 grainers and CFE223 for the long stuff and yes they do get out to 5 and 600!!
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  5. L Smith

    L Smith Distinguished Poster

    I have a 1x8 barrel, so it should stabilize any of the heavy bullets. I'll work up a 77 grain load and see if they will group then hope for the best when I get to Talladega. I'll still shoot the 69's at 200 and 300. I looked at my sight and it is set up for 1/4 min. I redneck calculated the clicks to 600.
  6. DevilDog

    DevilDog Distinguished Poster

    80gr SMK, somewhere between 23.5 and 24.2 of Varget. The trick is measuring your chamber because length is important.
  7. captain-03

    captain-03 Moderator Staff Member MSGO Supporter

    Byram, MS
    L.Smith -- I have a bunch of 80gr SMK I got from the Army Marksmanship program if you want to try a few ... both moly coated and plain. Also got a bunch of 90gr if interested in trying .............